We are OxaDigit

We are OxaDigit

We create and develop products that help our customers grow, be innovative, improve, change and be competitive. Before starting the cooperation, we listen, understand, find out your business needs and goals, and only then offer you the most acceptable solution, using all our competence accumulated over many years.

We think together with you

Strategy of the Product

Architecture of the technology

Architecture of Information

We always ask the question - Why?

Kai nusprendžiame dirbti kartu šis sprendimas mums reiškia įtakoti Jūsų verslo sėkmingą ateitį, todėl mes visada Jūsų klausiame  ,,Kodėl”?

Do you want to work with us?

Contact us and we will discuss all possible areas of cooperation

Our Latest Works

Satimed Epi - G

Reprezentacinė EPG produktų svetainė ir elektroninė parduotuvė su plačia tyrimų informacija, sveikatingumo planais ir pardavimo sistema.

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Bonsai sodas

Nauja elektroninė parduotuvė Woocommerce sistemoje. Adaptuotas dizainas. Drop shiping funkcionalumo įgyvendinimas. Produktų migracija į naują parduotuvę.

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Smart and Cute

Naujos elektroninės parduotuvės sukūrimas. Woocommerce sistema, adaptuotas dizainas, mailer integracija. Produktų kategorijų modifikavimas, naujų filtrų integravimas, migracija į naują parduotuvę.

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Mama mums rūpi

Visuomeninis pogimdyminės depresijos prevencijos projekto svetainė. Dizainas (kategorija ,,Klausimynas”), šios kategorijos  interaktyvaus klausimyno programavimas.

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Studio Le Frans

Website of modern ceiling design studio. Contemporary adaptive site with intuitive navigation.

Studio Le Frans tinklapis
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Tea for You E-Shop

Very clean minimalistic design, easy navigation in e-shop - these were the key requirements of client.

Arbata Tau
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Elektroninė parduotuvė specializuotam produktui. Pilnas parduotuvės funkcionalumas, adaptuotas dizainas, atsiskaitymo ir pristatymo integravimas.

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Kedainiu Language School

Proposal of upgrade of logotype design for local language school.

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Industry Automation 24

Specialized website for company of automation products, integrated WooCOMMERCE order platform, video post-production, SEO, Google Ads and other tasks.

Industry Automation e-parduotuvė
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Chocolate Naive

Udates and upgrades in current website of Chocolate Naive brand. Corrections of E-shop functionality & design.

Chocolate Naive e-parduotuve
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Travel agency

Website of Travel agency services with integrated purchase / reservation system for partner products.

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Pet care. Kika.

A representative website for Tauro Pro line - the line of professional care products for pets. Individual design.

Tauro Pro line
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BRG. Leaders in environmental solutions

Individual desig website with a specially programmed wizard - quiz for the convenience of the clients of this consulting company.

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Improvements to the functionality of the existing website, changes in design solutions. 

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Jewelry E-shop

E-shop maintenance works, functionality improvement, design corrections. Internal SEO optimization.

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Association of Lithuanian Chemical Industry Companies

Programming of additional functionalities in PHP and integration into the existing website of the association

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House of Naive

Recovery of hacked e-shop site. Virus cleanup and full restoration of functionality.

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E-shop internal SEO optimization

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Individualaus dizaino reprezentacinė svetainė . Svetainės vidinis SEO optimizavimas.

Reprezentacinė svetainė
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Reprezentacinės svetainės, sukurtos naudojant Shopify turinio valdymo sistemą, dizaino tobulinimas. Svetainės funkcionalumo programavimas pagal kliento poreikius. Produktų importavimas. 

Reprezentacine svetaine
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