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We are a team of passionate web development professionals experienced beyond the usual scope of services

We have more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce, marketing, communication, design, and digital marketing. Our skilled and highly motivated team is just one call away, offering design, development, and business consulting services. We work for businesses seeking a strong local and global online presence. The continuous growth of e-commerce requires modern and convenient website solutions, generating a better user experience. We use the newest technologies and continuously upgrade to ensure effective processes and top-quality websites.

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Answers of website development specialists


I want a website. Where do I start?

First - contact us and tell us more about your project. During the meeting will discuss the vision and design of your site as well as set the project guidelines. After the details of your request will be clarified, our developers and designers will start working on the task. We will keep communicating with you throughout the whole process.


How much does a website or an e-shop cost?

The price of a website or an e-shop depends on the structure complexity, number of pages, design uniqueness, and the variety of products. Contact us and we will provide a cost estimate based on your project.


What type of companies do you work with?

We provide services for enterprises of different sizes (start-ups, medium & large companies, B2C, B2B) and in various business segments. We work with both simple and complex requests.


How long does it take to have a website?

The duration of the development of a website or an e-shop depends on the complexity of a task. Usually, it takes around 1-4 weeks.

Our Latest Works


New website with integrated e-shop. Individualized design, all functionalities for e-commerce, languages, integrated payments and shipment.

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New website in Australia for providers of healthcare services

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Esamos e-parduotuvės korekcijos ir papildomų funkcijų sukūrimas – dovanų kupono pardavimas.

mezgimo zona
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Satimed Epi - G

A representative EPG product website and e-shop with extensive research information, wellness plans and a sales system.

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Design improvement of Celemi website. Programming of new functionalities.

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Bonsai sodas

A new e-shop of Woocommerce platform. Adapted design. Implementation of drop shipping. Migration of products to a new store.

Bonsai sodas
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Smart and Cute

New e-shop, Woocommerce system, adapted design, mailer integration. Modification of product categories, integration of new filters, migration to a new store.

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We care about mother

Public website for the project of prevention of postpartum depression. Design (category "Questionnaire"), programming of an interactive questionnaire in this category.

Mama mums rūpi
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Representative website for Company of design management services; adapted design.

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A representative website for landscaping design company. Unique design. Large galleries.

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Electronic store for a specialized product. Full functionality of the store, adapted design, integration of payment and delivery.

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Visual change and improvement of the representative website of the travel agency. Development of additional functionalities.

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Industry Automation 24

Specialized website for company of automation products, integrated WooCOMMERCE order platform, video post-production, SEO, Google Ads and other tasks.

Industry Automation e-parduotuvė
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Chocolate Naive

Udates and upgrades in current website of Chocolate Naive brand. Corrections of E-shop functionality & design.

Chocolate Naive e-parduotuve
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Travel agency

Website of Travel agency services with integrated purchase / reservation system for partner products.

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Pet care. Kika.

A representative website for Tauro Pro line - the line of professional care products for pets. Individual design.

Tauro Pro line
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BRG. Leaders in environmental solutions

Individual desig website with a specially programmed wizard - quiz for the convenience of the clients of this consulting company.

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Improvements to the functionality of the existing website, changes in design solutions. 

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Jewelry E-shop

E-shop maintenance works, functionality improvement, design corrections. Internal SEO optimization.

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Improvement of the design of the website of the Lithuania BIO Science association, rebranding after changing the visual identity of the association. Programming works of new functionalities.

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House of Naive

Recovery of hacked e-shop site. Virus cleanup and full restoration of functionality.

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E-shop internal SEO optimization

Seha Bags
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Representative website of individual design for logistics company. Internal SEO optimization of the site. Expansion to 4 different languages.

Reprezentacinė svetainė
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Shopify e-shop development, design updates. Programming of new website functionalities according to the client's needs. Importing products. 

Aplankyti svetain

Reprezentacine svetaine
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English language course website development, visual change.

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Parfumerijos e parduotuvės sukūrimas naudojant Shopify turinio valdymo sistemą. Parduotuvės susiejimas su Amazon, produktų integracija iš Amazon prekybos platformos, buhalterinės programos integracija, visi kiti darbai būtini pilnavertiškam el. parduotuvės darbui.

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News and tips in the virtual world

internetinės svetainės kūrimas

Creating an Online Store: Where to Start?

The desire to have your own website is so great that you want to take on the task yourself despite the lack of experience? Do you want to achieve the much-desired first sales or receive the first calls from customers who found you online as soon as possible? If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then you are on the right track, because this article will answer the question "website development: where to start?", which confuses many business newcomers.

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Internetinės parduotuvės kūrimas

Creating an online store: what everyone must know

Hobbies, lifestyle or ideas can become the start of a successful online business. Success of such start depends not only on the product being sold, but also on building an proper online store. This may seem like a real challenge for start-up, but we at Oxadigit ready to help. We will make the online business dream come true, and also answer the frequently asked question “where to start?”

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SEO optimizavimas

SEO optimization: what it is and why you need it?

You have a website or e-shop, but sales stand still and you are not happy with the results of Google Analytics? You keep asking yourself, "how can I increase traffic without running paid campaigns?" If at least one of these questions is on your mind, then this is a sign that you should consider SEO optimization.

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svetainių kūrimas su WordPress

Website development with WordPress: What you need to know?

Probably anyone who is planning to move their business to the web is at least a little bit interested in what web development is and has heard of WordPress. Not surprising! It is the most popular content management system in the world, which has been running since 2003. It has begun its path and continues to do so today. But what led to such success?

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